Mac vs. PC: Mac Comes Out on Top as More Fashionable

Apple Store

Research shows that Apple consumers are more fashion savvy than their PC counterparts.

Style, taste and design are as integral to Apple technology as simplicity and straight-foreword compatibility are to PC computer brands like Dell and Hewlett-Packard. So is it too far-fetched to wonder if each of these polar opposite computer types captures customers with fashion preferences that are either stylish or straight-foreword as well? According to the data trackers over at Bundle, there may be a distinctive correlation between high fashion and Mac computer users and the more understated clothing brands with users of the more practical priced PC’s.

Before assuming that this consumer stereotype is just related to the 2006 Apple commercials starring Justin Long as the cool, smooth Apple computer pitted against the boring PC user– remember that numbers do not lie. Bundle analyzed 395,000 Mac customers who made a purchase of at least $800 from an Apple store and 369,000 PC consumers who spent $300 or more from one of the many PC manufacturers such as: Sony, Toshiba, Alienware, Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Then the amount of Mac and PC customers that shopped at particular brand name clothing retail stores were used to determine the popularity of each establishment.

The majority of these Apple computer customer’s clothing spending tended to be at such upscale emporiums as: Barneys New York, Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes of Paris and Jimmy Choo, Ted Baker Limited, Burberry USA and Lucky Brand Jeans – in that particular order. Their PC counterparts appeared to favor less pricy fashion options. The top ten most popular fashion spots for PC users were: New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc, Nautica, Old Navy, Izod, Aeropostale, The Children’s Place, OSH Kosh B’gosh, Haggar Clothing Company, Perry Ellis and Fabco Shoes.

When it came to shopping on a budget, neither Mac users nor PC users were above discount brand name clothing outlet stores. But the designer labels that they preferred tended to remain in the same realms of “Hollywood high fashion” and “blue collar chic.” The Mac customer base flocked to the Off Fifth Saks Fifth Ave Outlet, The Coach Factory Store and Thomas Pink. The PC constituents felt right at home at the Columbia Sportswear, Carters Children’s Wear, and Van Heusen outlet stores.

The obvious conclusion is that these Mac users have more money to spend, therefore they can clamor over the newest – higher priced – Apple computers. But is cost the only deciding factor that makes the bargain hunter flock to PC’s? It might also be for aesthetic reasons. A lot can be said about a product from how it looks and what it is called.

It probably does not hurt that Mac computers tend to look like they came from a futuristic science-fiction movie and PC’s rarely veer from the metal rectangle blueprint. In the end, clothing and computers can each be used for two separate needs – the Mac version of self-expression and the PC practice of functionality.


2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show Extravaganza

With all the pomp and glory of a $12 million dollar fashion extravaganza, the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show of 2011 left the audience spellbound. A total of 38 gorgeous models sashayed the catwalk, serenaded by top performers, Kayne West and Maroon 5. With some of the world’s biggest supermodels donning six new lingerie themes, there was the buzz of dazzle in the air.

Australian model, Miranda Kerr, was the crowning glory of the show’s finale. Donning the bejeweled Fantasy Treasure Bra worth $2.5 million dollars drizzling with 3,400 precious gems, this was the most buzzed about piece. The brand’s Pink line revealed a punk look as Nicki Minaj sang Super Bass in a cosmic yellow corset. Neon tubes shaped into glowing wings proudly bounced with the step of each model. The Pink line included its usual cute look with a new introduction of citrus neon hues.

With the look of European coquetry, lace over dark hued sets, parasols and opaque corsets filled the runways. Douzten Kroe sported a red bra and underwear set with a purple cape fashioned like a giant bustle. And, of course, the soiree wouldn’t be Victoria without the feathers. There were a total of 38 wing sets in the show, electrified with neon lights. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio sported the heaviest wings, weighing a total of 30 pounds. In Black Swan style, several models strut down the runway in feathered tutu skirts with satin ribbons wrapped up the calves for the ballet theme.

The world of fashion and the world of music coalesced well throughout the entire evening. The front man of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, was certainly smitten as he serenaded his model girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, down the catwalk. Singing his hit song, Moves Like Jagger, it looked like Levine was dazzled by the sight of Vyalitsyna in electrifying blue lingerie. Looking like an aquatic creature, the stunning model was donned in bejeweled navy knickers. At the end of the catwalk, Levine gave his fair maiden a tender kiss on the cheek.

Kayne West was as much a sensation as the army of angels. After making tribute to his deceased mother, he broke into his rapper rendition of Stronger. The crowd went wild. He then surprised the audience with a guest appearance from Jay-Z. Both the rappers performed a duet from their famous Watch the Throne album. Throughout the evening, West was the cue for the models to prance the runway. As he sang, Alessandra Ambrosio came out and flowed down the runway in leather harness, high leather boots and a flowing cape trailing behind her. Lindsay Ellingson was quick on her heels donning a pair of silver wings. It was as though the music guided the angel’s flight down the runway.

With such a sensational extravaganza, it makes one wonder how next year’s show could possibly top this one!

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CMA Awards 2011: Fashion hits and misses

The CMA Awards is a great time to see the beautiful country music stars dressed in their finest and looking gorgeous as usual. The female country music stars went for all out glamour on the 2011 CMA awards. However, some achieved the perfect look for the night while others fell short with their fashion choices.

The two ladies from Little Big Town were perhaps the best dressed of the night. Karen Fairchild wore a black and silver gown with fun swirls and stripes. This dress flattered her figure nicely and made her dark skin and hair stand out even more. Kimberly Schlapman wore a body-hugging silver gown covered in sequins. The simple, clean lines of this gown gave an elegant look while the plunging neckline added a playful twist. While the women wore different looks, their gowns coordinated well together.

As always, Faith Hill stunned in a simple, elegant white gown that was perfect for the occasion. This floor length gown accentuated the curves on her slender figure, and the three quarter length sleeves added flair to the simplistic look. Faith’s husband, country music superstar Tim McGraw, also looked handsome at her side in all black attire.

Another country music star who wowed was Carrie Underwood. Her gold dress was the perfect color against her tanned skin, making her look like a golden goddess for the night. Her gold sequins sparkled under the lights on the Red Carpet, and the gold clutch she held was a perfect choice to complete the look.

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is always a beauty with her slim figure and long legs. She hit her fashion mark again with the simplicity of her gray dress, which was embellished with silver sequins. The gown had a high neckline that was gorgeous on her slim, tall frame. Her gown draped beautifully on the floor, and she made the look seem effortless.

One of the best dressed country music stars didn’t even wear a gown. Martina McBride showed off her natural good looks in a basic black outfit. She wore a black sequined jacket paired with wide leg pants that fit her perfectly. This basic black look was classic.

Just like Martina, Miranda Lambert also chose to rock in basic black. Miranda’s gown was flashy and fun, and it really showed off her fantastic body shape. Miranda’s best color seems to be black, and this look was no exception.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum was perhaps the most glamorous female star of the night. Her gown had gold sequins that reminded fans of old Hollywood glamour. With her hair parted to one side and cascading over one shoulder, she exuded confidence and beauty.

Unfortunately, some of the country music stars missed their fashion goals and fell a bit short. Perhaps, the worst dressed of the night was Reba McEntire. Her gown seemed too dark and heavy for such a fun, exciting awards show. The sequins on the sleeves further added to the old-fashioned feel of the gown. Reba is a country music icon, and viewers wanted to see her shine. Instead, the dress didn’t work, and fans were left feeling disappointed.

Taylor Swift is usually one of the best dressed country music stars, but this time it was her color choice that landed her on the list of fashion misses. The design of the dress itself was fantastic and even complemented her slim frame nicely. However, the drab, lifeless color did nothing to enhance her natural beauty. In fact, it seemed too dull against her milky white skin, which made for an overall dull appearance.

A ruffled disaster is the only way to describe the gown worn by country music sensation LeAnn Rimes. The ruffles at the top of the dress and the ruffles midway down on the dress hung awkwardly no matter which way she turned to pose for the cameras. The ruffles cascading down the back of the gown were unnecessary as well as unattractive.

Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry wore another fashion disaster that simply didn’t work. Her white dress reminded fans more of an antique wedding dress than an awards show stunner.

While some country music stars made fashion blunders, others wore exquisite gowns that only served to enhance the natural beauty they all possess. The fans love their country music stars and are willing to forgive a fashion mishap. After all, real country music fans love their country music singers and can’t wait to see what they wear next.

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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

This fall, earth tones are out and bold, bright colors are in. Designers have been showing their fall collections in an array of brilliant jewel tones instead of the usual rustic oranges and browns of past seasons. Fiery reds, mustard yellows, emerald greens, shades of plum, electric fuchsias, royal blue hues, and burgundy wines are the hottest colors to make the jump from runway couture to the street. These bold colors add some dazzle to a droll wardrobe and can be paired with neutral shades to make any ensemble pop.

Here are some pieces that are must-haves to update your closet for the fall 2011 fashion season:

– Trench coats
While trench coats are considered timeless by the fashion industry, they disappear for a few seasons and then make a resurgence in a few years at fall fashion shows. This year, the classic trench coat is back and better than ever with several updated and structured cuts that are flattering to most silhouettes. They can be worn during the day or out for the night, as they make the transition from casual to dressy seamlessly.

— Crop Tops
No, you’re not having a high school gym class flashback — crop tops have cornered their way into designer’s collections and are being paired with high waisted skirt and pants separates. The look is chic but screams edgy, and a cropped shirt flaunts a toned figure and shows off the waistline of a great pair of high waisted trousers.

— High Sheen Fabrics
Shimmery textured fabrics shown on the catwalks are a trend that has translated into street wear. A shiny, translucent top coupled with a simple matte fabric makes for a radiant mix.

— Patterned Sweaters
Whether it’s a cardigan or a pullover, patterned sweaters are sweeping the stores. Geometric shapes, stripes and polka dots on chunky knits look charming with a pair of wool shorts and riding boots or paired with your favorite skinny jeans. The look remains preppy without being too prim.

— Stripes
Although stripes have never gone out of style, we’re seeing a ton of the “nautical” looks in showrooms and on runways this fall. From the classic navy blue and white mix to greens, oranges and browns, the striped, long sleeved tee style never looks tired.

— Tailored Cuts
The tailored suit made a comeback this season, but this is not your typical office garb. Designers are showing tailored skirts and jackets with high-necked blouses for a vintage, retro feel and a great way to bring some chic into the work place. Add a pair of your favorite chunky heels and voila!

Beautiful Fall Looks

Fall is upon us, and we’re all looking for a fresh take on our make-up. Before you rush out and buy all the latest colors consider this. The first step to a fresh, new look for Fall is to exfoliate and moisturize! The drier air of Fall is a huge relief from muggy Summer days, but it can also dry out your skin. A daytime moisturizer with SPF provides a great start for perfect make-up.

This season experiment with some of the vivid colors available. Classic reds on lips and nails, or if you’re more adventurous, vivid teal eyes and nails! The key to freshening up your look is to try new approaches to applying your make-up. Some of us tend to apply our make-up the same way we did when were teenagers, and let’s face it, we’re not teenagers anymore! Make-up should make us look our best, regardless of our age. It is a mistake to think that piling on more foundation will “hide” fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of looking younger, it only accentuates those nagging little lines. Try a foundation primer and a light, moisturizing foundation in combination with a creaseless, cream eyeshadow to minimize the look of fine lines around your eyes. A neutral, light eyeshadow with a dramatic, colorful eyeliner can draw attention to the eye without settling into fine lines, and adds a vibrant, youthful appearance. When applying lipstick, a lip liner will eliminate feathering of the lipstick. To avoid dry, chapped lips which increase feathering, apply a base moisturizer and lip liner before applying your lipstick. Choosing a lipstick that is moisturizing will also help.

I am a firm believer that make-up shouldn’t break the bank. Some of my favorite products are purchased at drug stores and department stores and are not the most expensive brands available. It’s important to remember that the best product is the one that works the best for you, whether you paid top dollar, or frugally purchased a store brand. Always checkout the sale items and clearance priced items, as those purchases are great for experimenting, and you may find that perfect shade of red lipstick after all!

A Clash of Fashion and Interior Design

I’m a huge believe in mixing fashion and interior design.  Just like you use clothes to represent and express yourself, I think your home and décor do the same!  What you wear says a lot about you and your personality, so why not let that transcend into your living space to beautify it?

The worlds of fashion and interiors are completely intertwined. Your clothes are full of inspiration—colors, textures and patterns. Use all of these elements for inspiration in your new space!

Think of your favorite piece of clothing—maybe it’s a dress, an old tee, or a dressy little cami. Think of why that piece of clothing is your favorite. Examine the color, texture and how it makes you feel when you wear it. Combine these emotions and extractions and prepare yourself for a complete room transformation that speaks about who you are.

If your favorite piece of clothing is your sparkly little black dress that you wear out on the town, then you should bring that sense of glamor to your space by using luxurious materials and colors. Use a black and white monochromatic color scheme and accessorize with silver and purple accents. Play with a mixture of textures—on your bed or couches, have a mix of throw pillows and blankets in different shapes and sizes.

Whatever your favorite threads may be, think of them in a new inspiring light to help motivate you to create a beautiful space that portrays your personality through every corner. Share any other ways in which your fashion sense influences your design here!

Celebrity Scent Trends: What do you think?

The news that Kim Kardashian’s limited edition wedding fragrance will soon be commercially available got me thinking about celebrity scents in general. It seems like everyone has one these days, and with this being her third version, it can be hard to keep up. I personally find my curiosity to be sparked- only mildly- when a favorite personality comes out with a fragrance, but I’ve rarely been so compelled as to buy it. I’ve yet to be convinced that acting/singing/modeling ability correlates with olfactory talents. Sidebar: I can give credit where credit is due- the best part about this trend can be the video and print ad concepts- see SJP.

Though this bandwagon jumping just muddies the waters in the sea of perfumes out there even further, there are a few that stand out as something a bit different. Turning focus to another Kardashian, Khloe and Lamar’s unisex Unbreakable Bond is new territory for the celebri-scent set. I’m actually a big fan of unisex fragrances, and though I still have yet to sample this one, I think the concept is pretty fresh, and I can see others soon following their lead.

Justin’s Beiber’s fragrance for women is another stand out, though I must admit I thought this was a joke at first. I prefer to let the likes of Tom Ford tell me what to smell like, so it goes without saying that a teen boy seems very out of place in the realm of perfume. I get it- this is obviously very targeted commercial whorey-ness, and my assumption is that only middle school locker rooms will reek of whatever this smells like. I was about to file this away under “no self respecting grown woman should pay this any attention” (along with Britney’s creations), but the concept is actually pretty good. A male celebrity doing a female fragrance just hasn’t been done, at least to my knowledge. The direction I’d like to see this go in is more of a People’s Sexiest Man Alive doing a women’s fragrance. What red blooded American woman wouldn’t want to know what George Clooney likes a lady to smell like, and then drench themselves in it? The concept is very enticing, and I’m curious if we’ll be seeing more of this.

What do YOU think- Are there other celebrity fragrance concepts you love, or maybe love to hate? How do your thoughts stack up to mine? Comment and let me know!