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Football Season

Fall is upon us and that means one thing… it’s JERSEY season.  Whether you are a huge sports fan, or know close to nothing about sports, a team jersey can work for you.  For guys, a jersey is the perfect way to support your team, express your fanhood in public, and dress relaxed without looking out of place.  Jersey’s are accepted everywhere on game day.  This is one time of the year where nobody can walk into a bar and think that the person wearing the jersey is under dressed.  Even on a dressier Saturday night, the kids at the club wearing the jersey of their favorite college sports team mesh right into the crowd, especially if their team is coming off of a big win.

Sports fans earn the right to wear jersey’s on any given day during football season as long as the jersey is clean and in decent condition.  Faded jersey’s that are clearly outdated, or ripped t-shirts with your team logo are not as acceptable.  However, a clean, vibrant jersey is usually a statement waiting to be made.  They generally help you determine who your friends (and enemies) are in the room immediately.  They also are a perfect conversation starters.  If your team is great, fans of losing teams will say you are bandwagon.  If your team is bad, people will feel bad for you and/or also make fun of you.  In either case, you are bound to find yourself in the midst of a good, loud, or passionate conversation about your team.  If your team is average, other people might not be as interested in talking to you and you just might fly under the radar.  A .500 team usually does not make playoffs and is not worthy enough of a conversation.  Sorry, if that’s the case, that’s the worst possible circumstance and you might want to reconsider wearing your jersey out in public.  You should almost wish that your team were worse so you could at least get sympathy points and be labeled a dedicated fan.

One thing is for sure…  although jersey’s were predominantly worn by guys, more and more women are starting to wear jersey’s.  Girls are fortunate in two respects because jersey’s are cheaper in women’s sizes, and they actually fit them.  I don’t know many jersey’s made for guys that aren’t three sizes too big even when they say medium on them.  However, football jersey’s are big for a reason and therefore are meant to be worn big and look normal as a baggy article of clothing.  Women actually earn a degree of coolness by sporting a jersey.  A lot of guys find women that wear jersey’s automatically attractive simply because they are breaking the mold by being avid sports fans.  Let’s face it, a girl that talks sports is still pretty rare and finding one to talk to is like spotting a unicorn.

In any event, dig out your football jersey’s.  If you don’t have one, go get one.  If you are a baseball fan, it’s okay to wear your favorite baseball jersey’s in the fall since this is when the season is at its best.  Now that I think about it, the fall is the perfect time for baseball fans and football fans to be equally proud of their sports teams.  Baseball playoffs give Sunday football a run for the money with regards to the number of viewers.