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Fashionably Green!

In the last couple of years, green technology has taken off.  New government programs have catalyzed individual efforts to become more energy efficient.  Caring for the environment has become such a mainstream priority that anyone who partakes in the “go-green” movement might actually earn a cool image based on public perception.

Making the extra effort to find a recycling bin for your plastic container instead of throwing it in the trash can automatically give you the label that you care and others might think more highly of you as a result.  Starting a conversation about your new initiative to only wash and dry clothes at night might have your friends attracted to and motivated by your commitment to change.  Shopping at your local hardware store for insulation, weather stripping and energy efficient light bulbs will earn you points with fellow shoppers and guests that take notice at your next home gathering.

Generally speaking, going green can be considered a fashion statement.  So don’t be afraid to rock that hybrid decal on your vehicle.  Highlight it, promote it, get others to follow your lead.  Have faith in the fact that green is cool.  I promise.