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Olympic Curling Team Wins Gold Medal For Grooviest Pants

Athletes have always been at the forefront of setting fashion treads. Michael Jordan made school kids think that wearing his $100 sneakers would give them the ability to fly and Ken Griffey Jr. showed everyone that it’s sometimes more fun to wear your baseball cap backwards while hitting homeruns. All of these trends were met with a little bit of confusion but, surprisingly enough, they caught on and some even became the fashion norm. However, I doubt the pants worn by the 2010 Norwegian Olympic curling team will be hitting any fashion catwalk in New York or Paris anytime soon.

With the 2010 Winter Olympics starting up in Vancouver this week, it’s easy to find fun new fashions from athletes like snowboarder Shaun White and alpine skier Lindsey Vonn.  However, not every Olympic athlete is setting new fashion trends. In fact, if you watch the Norwegian curling team it looks more like a blast from the fashion past.

Wearing red, white, and blue diamond covered bell bottoms, the Norwegian team slides across the ice as they go for the curling gold in their swingin’ sixties best. The pants look like they should belong more on a golf course rather than a skating rink, but they still serve their boogie-oogie purposes. Also, sure, these pants stopped being popular during the Nixon Administration, but after a few looks it’s hard not to love the fun and far out nature of this new groovy Olympic athletic attire.

Olympic curling, yeah, baby, yeah!


Set the High Score with the Tetris Dress

Everyone remembers the arcade game Tetris growing up. It’s theme music is indefinably unforgettable, it ate up a lot of people’s allowances in quarters, and there are still people who are trying to fit falling bricks together in their sleep, but one area anyone who’s played the arcade game wouldn’t see Tetris falling into and fitting in to (pun intended) would be fashion. However, the Tetris dress would say otherwise.

The Tetris dress is not only a suitable dress option for anyone who was a  fan of the game, but it also stands as a throwback for anyone who feels like wearing some retro 80’s clothes. The slim and sleek black dress is covered in the classic colorful blocks from the arcade game as they fall from the neck and shoulders of the dress and connect as a cohesive block at the bottom of the skirt. Moving around in the dress may even give off the optical illusion that the blocks are moving turning the girl wearing it into a walking, talking Tetris game.

Sure, the dress is a bit goofy, and I wouldn’t suggest wearing it out to any formal outings anytime soon, but it reminds people of the game which was basically enjoyed by all and serves it purpose of helping someone stand out from the crowd. The Tetris dress doesn’t set the high score from any standard fashion, but just like the original arcade game it’s more about having fun rather than setting any high fashion score.