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Spring Is In The Air, And So Is Springtime Fashion

With a new season comes new happiness for the millions who are ready to shake off the drab of winter and embrace the hopeful sunshine of spring. However, just like with any season there comes new fashion trends, and spring is one of the biggest fashion seasons of them all. The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, the weather is warmer – all things that make people want to dress nice and be stylish. It comes in handy to know what the big fashion trends are.

One of the big fashion trends for the 2010 spring season is actually a blast from the fashion past. Many fashion analysts are projecting that tie-dye will be a big trend for the upcoming spring. They feel that cocktail dresses and shirts will have many tie-dye themes and that it will work right into the summer beach season. However, if the groovy nature of tie-dye is not your style, another trend is the tailored vest. Much like a cardigan sweater, a tailored vest looks great while also being a layered option for the fickleness of spring weather. It’s a good way to stay warm and cool while being in spring style.

Hope springs eternal for the many who are ready to get back outside and enjoy the new weather. It’s one of the best seasons of the year for fashion, and it’s great for all those who want to show off their new threads while enjoying the sunshine.


The Academy Awards Are As Big On Fashion As They Are On Awards

The Academy Awards were recently held in Hollywood, Califonia bringing together the best and most beautiful people in the film industry. While the ceremony is known best for the awards it gives out to excellence in film, it’s also a very big night for the world of fashion. With so many watching the ceremony, designers do whatever they can to make sure that their clothes make the red carpet. The designers do so by creating fashions that can be worth millions of dollars and allowing the best in Hollywood to wear them for the night.

The red carpet is where most of these fashions can be found and the fashion world is watching. Many television channels have red carpet specials that bring in fashion analysts who pick and prod every inch of the fashions that come their way. Many of them are hot and many are not. The 82nd Annual Academy Awards were no different. Hundreds of Hollywood’s finest put together their best looks and, like every year, on awards night there were winners and losers.

Sandra Bullock seemed to be the dual winner last night taking home the award for Best Actress In A Leading Role for her role in “The Blind Side” while also being named best dressed by many fashion analysts at the ceremony. The Academy Awards may be the night in which the best films and performances of the year are celebrated, but it’s also a night in which the best dressed are able to shine like the Oscar itself.