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Women’s Swimsuits: From Bikinis to One Pieces

Last time, we talked about the stylish looks of men’s swimwear for the upcoming summer but as much as it’s important for guys to look good on the beach, or in the backyard pool, it doesn’t hold a candle to the selection and style choice that women have when it comes to swimsuits. The choices are endless even though, just like men, the types boil down to two distinct choices: bikinis and one pieces. However, this is where the variety comes in because these two swimwear choices can go into many different areas and styles, so it’s important that when picking one out that you pick the one that fits your personality and style the best.

Bikinis are great and can really show off how much style and confidence you have. This summer is a great time to show off a nice looking bikini with trending colors being bright and eclectic. There’s not one color that rules over the rest of them so go crazy and find one that works best with your skin tone. Dark colors are a thing of the past so instead of dark colors go with one that that it is electric and bursting with Technicolor and works for you. However, if you are going for a slimmer look, dark colors like black and grey are always a plus and the way to go.

As for one pieces they are making a comeback and really striking at the heart of what kind of style a swimsuit can have. One pieces this summer are following, in terms of design, graphic prints, shapes, and stripes. Also, a lot of them are actually going retro by going back to the design of yesteryear, which makes you stand out from the crowd even though you’re wearing something from the past! A bikini can sometimes be a little too much, so it’s good to know that one pieces are always a fashionable plan B.

Swimwear for women have the capability to turn heads on the beach or near the pool, so make sure whichever one you pick fits you well and shows off the confidence and style you believe in.


Men’s Swimsuits Fashion: From Board Shorts To Speedos

The summer season is also the swimming season and with that it’s important to look stylish if you’re above or below the water. For women, the choices are much wider and really speak to the personality of the woman wearing the swimsuit (as we’ll talk about in our next post). Yet, for men the choice of what type of swimsuit fashion statement you want to make really comes down to two distinctly different choices: knee-long, board shorts/swim trunks or a Speedo. This may seem like an easy choice for most men (most men can’t pull off a Speedo or at-least shouldn’t try to…), but Speedos are making a little bit of a comeback and their presence on the beach should really be taken into the equation.

Let’s first speak about board short swim trucks. These types of swimsuits for men are really great and can even be worn away from the beach and the pool, but they do have their limits. Board shorts that are too long, covered with designs of flowers, or worn by the wrong age group can make someone stand out worse than being in a Speedo. However, that doesn’t mean there are not other options like some swim/board shorts that go great with a nice linen shirt. The selection is endless and it’s best to pick one that matches you well.

Now on to the Speedo swimsuit choice. Speedos are making a popular comeback on beaches around the country and are doing so because they come with a certain aura of bravery, and with the right body, style. If you’re wearing a Speedo that most likely means you have a healthy dose of confidence or a healthy body. This is attractive, but then again it’s important to make sure that your confidence meets reality and that you’re body can pull off a Speedo. If not, it’s best to leave the smallest of male swimsuits to the imagination and home in your closet.

Come back next time for a review of female swimwear for the upcoming summer season!