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Retrosuperfutures – Protection & Style

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer time style anymore. In fact, they’re not even really an outdoor, during-the-daytime style anymore either. Sunglasses have taken on their own personality and have become something much more than glasses that protect you from the harsh rays of sunlight. Sunglasses are now an accessory that fit to nearly any style and can actually define the outfit.


Take for example, the above sunglasses, which are Retrosuperfuture, a brand handmade in Italy that has caught on with celebrities like Kanye West. Now they may look like normal Ray Bans that your average Blues Brother would wear but they’re much more than that in both style and price. Retrosuperfuture may have a kooky name but they are quality glasses that use Zeiss lenses, which help to protect the eyes from the sun even at a greater degree than most sunglasses. However, if you’re buying these expensive glasses at around $120 then you understand they have style to make you stand out in both retro and future crowds.

Sure, wearing sunglasses indoors can make you look silly, but the times are changing and now sunglasses can be worn at almost anyplace at anytime if you do it correctly.  It’s also important to remember that if you’re wearing them when the sun isn’t out it’s because your fashion future is bright, even if the day isn’t.