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New Gap Ads Show That Maybe Not Everyone Should Wear Shorts

A few posts back we talked about one of the biggest debates of the summer style season, which was whether or not to wear shorts. We talked about how you have to take into account certain “qualifications” in order to wear them such as wearing the right type of shorts and if you can personally pull off their style and look. Now as some new Gap ads show that ideology isn’t completely incorrect.

Gap Pants Ad

Gap Pants Ad

Some new window Gap ads scream to the public walking by to “PUT SOME PANTS ON!” Now this is humorous take on coming in and buying some nice pants, but underneath in much smaller lettering are the words “Because we can’t all look good in shorts” showing that shorts shouldn’t (and sometimes can’t be) worn by everyone. Yet, that being said these new window adds are causing a bit of controversy and a bit of a stir because many are saying they’re offensive and making fun of people’s body type, but this blogger doesn’t think so. These ads are just speaking a truth; a truth that was brought up on this blog a few weeks ago and that is that sure anyone can wear shorts, but maybe not everyone should.