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Winter Workouts

Winter is no time to take a break from your daily exercises.  Cold weather often keeps people indoors and on their couch in front of their TV.  As a result, the average individual exercises a lot less as the temperatures drop.  When snow and ice inhibit safe traveling, going to the gym is often ruled out.  Finding alternative exercises to do to maintain  your healthy figure can be tasking.

Home gyms will give you a much greater advantage to staying fit than an individual that relies on a public gym.  Having treadmills or ellipticals in your house will likely give you an advantage over someone who tends to jog throughout the neighborhood as their workout will be scuttled by slick and dangerous terrain.  So, if you are someone who does not own fitness equipment and are having trouble getting to a public gym or following through with your routine exercises that are inhibited because of winter weather conditions, here are a few ideas you can take advantage of to make sure that you’ll be ready to hit the beach when the warm weather breaks.

Push Ups / Sit Ups

Calisthenic exercises provide extraordinary strength benefits to the areas they target.  If an individual did nothing else besides daily push ups and sit ups, they would notice considerable differences between how they look and feel when they are doing them regularly and when they are not doing them regularly. While push ups can get your arms cut up, sit ups can give you rock hard abs.  The key is to continually increase the difficulty of them as you progress over time.  Add a weight on your back or switch the configuration of your stance when doing push ups in order to make the workout more difficult and keep the muscles guessing.  Hold a weight over your chest when performing sit ups to achieve the same added resistance.  There are also various sit up configurations that should be mixed up into the routine to target different sections of the abdomen.

Cross Country Skiing

Brrrrr it’s cold outside… perfect!  Snow gives us great entertainment and an amazing workout routine through the use of ski’s.  While downhill skiing can be considered by most to be more fun, it doesn’t provide as much fitness benefit as cross country skiing and actually puts heavy stress on your knees when tackling moguls.  Cross country skiing takes place at a much more relaxed pace, but definitely provides an invaluable challenge on the lower half of your body. The constant movement of your legs back and forth, the pushing that consistently is required to establish rhythm provide enormous work on your legs that can shape them athletically over time.  Due to the heavy involvement of your arms in order to pull and push (propel) yourself forward, cross country skiing provides a considerably well rounded workout.  If you are worried about the cold weather, don’t be.  Cross country skiing will have you working out so hard that you will likely be looking to shed layers from all of the sweat.  Just be sure not to because when you stop you could wind up catching a real cold during the cool down process if you are not properly dressed.

Build a Snowman

Actually, build a snow “family”.  The best type of snow to build a snowman is packing snow.  It’s wet and heavy and rolling it is tasking.  Rolling a small snowball all around the yard into a suitable snowman bottom, midsection or head can be tiring.  The same fatigue you feel is the same fatigue that your muscle feel as you push them to the limits.  Building a few of them will have you pushing and lifting enough to feed your muscles their fill for the day.  Make it a family and friends event and you’ll be exercising, feeling good and having fun all at the same time.  Not only will your physical health be better off, but so will your mental health.