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Celebrity Scent Trends: What do you think?

The news that Kim Kardashian’s limited edition wedding fragrance will soon be commercially available got me thinking about celebrity scents in general. It seems like everyone has one these days, and with this being her third version, it can be hard to keep up. I personally find my curiosity to be sparked- only mildly- when a favorite personality comes out with a fragrance, but I’ve rarely been so compelled as to buy it. I’ve yet to be convinced that acting/singing/modeling ability correlates with olfactory talents. Sidebar: I can give credit where credit is due- the best part about this trend can be the video and print ad concepts- see SJP.

Though this bandwagon jumping just muddies the waters in the sea of perfumes out there even further, there are a few that stand out as something a bit different. Turning focus to another Kardashian, Khloe and Lamar’s unisex Unbreakable Bond is new territory for the celebri-scent set. I’m actually a big fan of unisex fragrances, and though I still have yet to sample this one, I think the concept is pretty fresh, and I can see others soon following their lead.

Justin’s Beiber’s fragrance for women is another stand out, though I must admit I thought this was a joke at first. I prefer to let the likes of Tom Ford tell me what to smell like, so it goes without saying that a teen boy seems very out of place in the realm of perfume. I get it- this is obviously very targeted commercial whorey-ness, and my assumption is that only middle school locker rooms will reek of whatever this smells like. I was about to file this away under “no self respecting grown woman should pay this any attention” (along with Britney’s creations), but the concept is actually pretty good. A male celebrity doing a female fragrance just hasn’t been done, at least to my knowledge. The direction I’d like to see this go in is more of a People’s Sexiest Man Alive doing a women’s fragrance. What red blooded American woman wouldn’t want to know what George Clooney likes a lady to smell like, and then drench themselves in it? The concept is very enticing, and I’m curious if we’ll be seeing more of this.

What do YOU think- Are there other celebrity fragrance concepts you love, or maybe love to hate? How do your thoughts stack up to mine? Comment and let me know!