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Mac vs. PC: Mac Comes Out on Top as More Fashionable

Apple Store

Research shows that Apple consumers are more fashion savvy than their PC counterparts.

Style, taste and design are as integral to Apple technology as simplicity and straight-foreword compatibility are to PC computer brands like Dell and Hewlett-Packard. So is it too far-fetched to wonder if each of these polar opposite computer types captures customers with fashion preferences that are either stylish or straight-foreword as well? According to the data trackers over at Bundle, there may be a distinctive correlation between high fashion and Mac computer users and the more understated clothing brands with users of the more practical priced PC’s.

Before assuming that this consumer stereotype is just related to the 2006 Apple commercials starring Justin Long as the cool, smooth Apple computer pitted against the boring PC user– remember that numbers do not lie. Bundle analyzed 395,000 Mac customers who made a purchase of at least $800 from an Apple store and 369,000 PC consumers who spent $300 or more from one of the many PC manufacturers such as: Sony, Toshiba, Alienware, Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Then the amount of Mac and PC customers that shopped at particular brand name clothing retail stores were used to determine the popularity of each establishment.

The majority of these Apple computer customer’s clothing spending tended to be at such upscale emporiums as: Barneys New York, Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes of Paris and Jimmy Choo, Ted Baker Limited, Burberry USA and Lucky Brand Jeans – in that particular order. Their PC counterparts appeared to favor less pricy fashion options. The top ten most popular fashion spots for PC users were: New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc, Nautica, Old Navy, Izod, Aeropostale, The Children’s Place, OSH Kosh B’gosh, Haggar Clothing Company, Perry Ellis and Fabco Shoes.

When it came to shopping on a budget, neither Mac users nor PC users were above discount brand name clothing outlet stores. But the designer labels that they preferred tended to remain in the same realms of “Hollywood high fashion” and “blue collar chic.” The Mac customer base flocked to the Off Fifth Saks Fifth Ave Outlet, The Coach Factory Store and Thomas Pink. The PC constituents felt right at home at the Columbia Sportswear, Carters Children’s Wear, and Van Heusen outlet stores.

The obvious conclusion is that these Mac users have more money to spend, therefore they can clamor over the newest – higher priced – Apple computers. But is cost the only deciding factor that makes the bargain hunter flock to PC’s? It might also be for aesthetic reasons. A lot can be said about a product from how it looks and what it is called.

It probably does not hurt that Mac computers tend to look like they came from a futuristic science-fiction movie and PC’s rarely veer from the metal rectangle blueprint. In the end, clothing and computers can each be used for two separate needs – the Mac version of self-expression and the PC practice of functionality.


Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

This fall, earth tones are out and bold, bright colors are in. Designers have been showing their fall collections in an array of brilliant jewel tones instead of the usual rustic oranges and browns of past seasons. Fiery reds, mustard yellows, emerald greens, shades of plum, electric fuchsias, royal blue hues, and burgundy wines are the hottest colors to make the jump from runway couture to the street. These bold colors add some dazzle to a droll wardrobe and can be paired with neutral shades to make any ensemble pop.

Here are some pieces that are must-haves to update your closet for the fall 2011 fashion season:

– Trench coats
While trench coats are considered timeless by the fashion industry, they disappear for a few seasons and then make a resurgence in a few years at fall fashion shows. This year, the classic trench coat is back and better than ever with several updated and structured cuts that are flattering to most silhouettes. They can be worn during the day or out for the night, as they make the transition from casual to dressy seamlessly.

— Crop Tops
No, you’re not having a high school gym class flashback — crop tops have cornered their way into designer’s collections and are being paired with high waisted skirt and pants separates. The look is chic but screams edgy, and a cropped shirt flaunts a toned figure and shows off the waistline of a great pair of high waisted trousers.

— High Sheen Fabrics
Shimmery textured fabrics shown on the catwalks are a trend that has translated into street wear. A shiny, translucent top coupled with a simple matte fabric makes for a radiant mix.

— Patterned Sweaters
Whether it’s a cardigan or a pullover, patterned sweaters are sweeping the stores. Geometric shapes, stripes and polka dots on chunky knits look charming with a pair of wool shorts and riding boots or paired with your favorite skinny jeans. The look remains preppy without being too prim.

— Stripes
Although stripes have never gone out of style, we’re seeing a ton of the “nautical” looks in showrooms and on runways this fall. From the classic navy blue and white mix to greens, oranges and browns, the striped, long sleeved tee style never looks tired.

— Tailored Cuts
The tailored suit made a comeback this season, but this is not your typical office garb. Designers are showing tailored skirts and jackets with high-necked blouses for a vintage, retro feel and a great way to bring some chic into the work place. Add a pair of your favorite chunky heels and voila!

Beautiful Fall Looks

Fall is upon us, and we’re all looking for a fresh take on our make-up. Before you rush out and buy all the latest colors consider this. The first step to a fresh, new look for Fall is to exfoliate and moisturize! The drier air of Fall is a huge relief from muggy Summer days, but it can also dry out your skin. A daytime moisturizer with SPF provides a great start for perfect make-up.

This season experiment with some of the vivid colors available. Classic reds on lips and nails, or if you’re more adventurous, vivid teal eyes and nails! The key to freshening up your look is to try new approaches to applying your make-up. Some of us tend to apply our make-up the same way we did when were teenagers, and let’s face it, we’re not teenagers anymore! Make-up should make us look our best, regardless of our age. It is a mistake to think that piling on more foundation will “hide” fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of looking younger, it only accentuates those nagging little lines. Try a foundation primer and a light, moisturizing foundation in combination with a creaseless, cream eyeshadow to minimize the look of fine lines around your eyes. A neutral, light eyeshadow with a dramatic, colorful eyeliner can draw attention to the eye without settling into fine lines, and adds a vibrant, youthful appearance. When applying lipstick, a lip liner will eliminate feathering of the lipstick. To avoid dry, chapped lips which increase feathering, apply a base moisturizer and lip liner before applying your lipstick. Choosing a lipstick that is moisturizing will also help.

I am a firm believer that make-up shouldn’t break the bank. Some of my favorite products are purchased at drug stores and department stores and are not the most expensive brands available. It’s important to remember that the best product is the one that works the best for you, whether you paid top dollar, or frugally purchased a store brand. Always checkout the sale items and clearance priced items, as those purchases are great for experimenting, and you may find that perfect shade of red lipstick after all!

A Clash of Fashion and Interior Design

I’m a huge believe in mixing fashion and interior design.  Just like you use clothes to represent and express yourself, I think your home and décor do the same!  What you wear says a lot about you and your personality, so why not let that transcend into your living space to beautify it?

The worlds of fashion and interiors are completely intertwined. Your clothes are full of inspiration—colors, textures and patterns. Use all of these elements for inspiration in your new space!

Think of your favorite piece of clothing—maybe it’s a dress, an old tee, or a dressy little cami. Think of why that piece of clothing is your favorite. Examine the color, texture and how it makes you feel when you wear it. Combine these emotions and extractions and prepare yourself for a complete room transformation that speaks about who you are.

If your favorite piece of clothing is your sparkly little black dress that you wear out on the town, then you should bring that sense of glamor to your space by using luxurious materials and colors. Use a black and white monochromatic color scheme and accessorize with silver and purple accents. Play with a mixture of textures—on your bed or couches, have a mix of throw pillows and blankets in different shapes and sizes.

Whatever your favorite threads may be, think of them in a new inspiring light to help motivate you to create a beautiful space that portrays your personality through every corner. Share any other ways in which your fashion sense influences your design here!

Winter Workouts

Winter is no time to take a break from your daily exercises.  Cold weather often keeps people indoors and on their couch in front of their TV.  As a result, the average individual exercises a lot less as the temperatures drop.  When snow and ice inhibit safe traveling, going to the gym is often ruled out.  Finding alternative exercises to do to maintain  your healthy figure can be tasking.

Home gyms will give you a much greater advantage to staying fit than an individual that relies on a public gym.  Having treadmills or ellipticals in your house will likely give you an advantage over someone who tends to jog throughout the neighborhood as their workout will be scuttled by slick and dangerous terrain.  So, if you are someone who does not own fitness equipment and are having trouble getting to a public gym or following through with your routine exercises that are inhibited because of winter weather conditions, here are a few ideas you can take advantage of to make sure that you’ll be ready to hit the beach when the warm weather breaks.

Push Ups / Sit Ups

Calisthenic exercises provide extraordinary strength benefits to the areas they target.  If an individual did nothing else besides daily push ups and sit ups, they would notice considerable differences between how they look and feel when they are doing them regularly and when they are not doing them regularly. While push ups can get your arms cut up, sit ups can give you rock hard abs.  The key is to continually increase the difficulty of them as you progress over time.  Add a weight on your back or switch the configuration of your stance when doing push ups in order to make the workout more difficult and keep the muscles guessing.  Hold a weight over your chest when performing sit ups to achieve the same added resistance.  There are also various sit up configurations that should be mixed up into the routine to target different sections of the abdomen.

Cross Country Skiing

Brrrrr it’s cold outside… perfect!  Snow gives us great entertainment and an amazing workout routine through the use of ski’s.  While downhill skiing can be considered by most to be more fun, it doesn’t provide as much fitness benefit as cross country skiing and actually puts heavy stress on your knees when tackling moguls.  Cross country skiing takes place at a much more relaxed pace, but definitely provides an invaluable challenge on the lower half of your body. The constant movement of your legs back and forth, the pushing that consistently is required to establish rhythm provide enormous work on your legs that can shape them athletically over time.  Due to the heavy involvement of your arms in order to pull and push (propel) yourself forward, cross country skiing provides a considerably well rounded workout.  If you are worried about the cold weather, don’t be.  Cross country skiing will have you working out so hard that you will likely be looking to shed layers from all of the sweat.  Just be sure not to because when you stop you could wind up catching a real cold during the cool down process if you are not properly dressed.

Build a Snowman

Actually, build a snow “family”.  The best type of snow to build a snowman is packing snow.  It’s wet and heavy and rolling it is tasking.  Rolling a small snowball all around the yard into a suitable snowman bottom, midsection or head can be tiring.  The same fatigue you feel is the same fatigue that your muscle feel as you push them to the limits.  Building a few of them will have you pushing and lifting enough to feed your muscles their fill for the day.  Make it a family and friends event and you’ll be exercising, feeling good and having fun all at the same time.  Not only will your physical health be better off, but so will your mental health.

New Gap Ads Show That Maybe Not Everyone Should Wear Shorts

A few posts back we talked about one of the biggest debates of the summer style season, which was whether or not to wear shorts. We talked about how you have to take into account certain “qualifications” in order to wear them such as wearing the right type of shorts and if you can personally pull off their style and look. Now as some new Gap ads show that ideology isn’t completely incorrect.

Gap Pants Ad

Gap Pants Ad

Some new window Gap ads scream to the public walking by to “PUT SOME PANTS ON!” Now this is humorous take on coming in and buying some nice pants, but underneath in much smaller lettering are the words “Because we can’t all look good in shorts” showing that shorts shouldn’t (and sometimes can’t be) worn by everyone. Yet, that being said these new window adds are causing a bit of controversy and a bit of a stir because many are saying they’re offensive and making fun of people’s body type, but this blogger doesn’t think so. These ads are just speaking a truth; a truth that was brought up on this blog a few weeks ago and that is that sure anyone can wear shorts, but maybe not everyone should.

Retrosuperfutures – Protection & Style

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer time style anymore. In fact, they’re not even really an outdoor, during-the-daytime style anymore either. Sunglasses have taken on their own personality and have become something much more than glasses that protect you from the harsh rays of sunlight. Sunglasses are now an accessory that fit to nearly any style and can actually define the outfit.


Take for example, the above sunglasses, which are Retrosuperfuture, a brand handmade in Italy that has caught on with celebrities like Kanye West. Now they may look like normal Ray Bans that your average Blues Brother would wear but they’re much more than that in both style and price. Retrosuperfuture may have a kooky name but they are quality glasses that use Zeiss lenses, which help to protect the eyes from the sun even at a greater degree than most sunglasses. However, if you’re buying these expensive glasses at around $120 then you understand they have style to make you stand out in both retro and future crowds.

Sure, wearing sunglasses indoors can make you look silly, but the times are changing and now sunglasses can be worn at almost anyplace at anytime if you do it correctly.  It’s also important to remember that if you’re wearing them when the sun isn’t out it’s because your fashion future is bright, even if the day isn’t.