Wedding Season Brings On New Fashion Trends

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most perfect days for a couple – full of memories that will last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, sometimes all of the planning to make the day perfect puts the fun aspect on the back burner.  The flowers, the cake, the pictures all need to be taken care of.   However, a few issues with those are a little less stressful relative to the high priority that the perfect wedding dress receives.  Without the right fashion choices a bride may not even wish to walk down the aisle (bold statement, but definitely true in some circumstances – “bridezilla”). This is why wedding season has become monumental with regards to new looks and fashion trends for the bride to be.  After all, following the right fashion trends can help the bride look fresh, stunning and stylish, giving her the confidence that, if all else fails, her day can still be perfect.

This year’s wedding season comes with many trends, some of which are not all that surprising, but others that may cross the line from wedding dress bliss to wedding dress risk. For example, a big trend this upcoming season is, surprisingly, the use of multiple colors. Wedding dresses are traditionally pure white but year after year we’re seeing a little blue or red or hints of various other shades added to the dress to give it some spice.

If you want an example of a wedding day fashion risk you could look no further than the upcoming season’s trend of higher wedding dress hemline. What this means is that the length of the dress would stop right above the knee, which would show off the whole leg basically.

Now, this may be a big trend for the upcoming season but for better or worse it will most definitely make you stand out when you walk down the aisle. Either way, it’s important to find the right fashion that fits you so you can make your wedding day as perfect as it possibly can be.


To Wear Or Not To Wear…Shorts

Summertime can get hot, so it’s best to try to stay cool however you can, but what are the limits between being fashionable and being comfortable? For men, this argument comes down to wearing shorts in the summer. Shorts are a great way to stay cool during the dog days, but there’s a certain limit that every man must be aware of before they throw on some shorts and hit the town.

To begin with, understand what situation you’re going into before you wear a pair of shorts. Are you going to a nice dinner with a loved one or going out for a day at the beach? If it’s the former it’s probably best to find a nice pair of linen pants that are lightweight and also look great for formal summer outings.

If you deem it appropriate to wear shorts, here’s a couple of rules.  Consider the length of the shorts. Short, shorts should probably stay in the 1970’s NBA and with women. However, too much length can also make it look like you just got back from the gym or that your wearing Capri pants. Around the knee is probably the best length for any guy.

Finally, look out for the right assortments of shorts. Plaid shorts, while great on the golf course, can make you stand out like a Technicolor rainbow. “Jorts” or jean shorts can only be pulled off by a very small number of men, so it’s probably best to stay away from them. Gym shorts? Well, gym shorts are great for the gym, but are the equivalent of sweat pants in the winter, so if you’re wearing them out realize that you’re basically saying, “I don’t care” in fashion language.

Shorts are a great way to stay cool and are fashion reminders that the beautiful summer season is upon us, but it’s important to realize that no matter how hot it is that looking good still counts.

Spring Is In The Air, And So Is Springtime Fashion

With a new season comes new happiness for the millions who are ready to shake off the drab of winter and embrace the hopeful sunshine of spring. However, just like with any season there comes new fashion trends, and spring is one of the biggest fashion seasons of them all. The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, the weather is warmer – all things that make people want to dress nice and be stylish. It comes in handy to know what the big fashion trends are.

One of the big fashion trends for the 2010 spring season is actually a blast from the fashion past. Many fashion analysts are projecting that tie-dye will be a big trend for the upcoming spring. They feel that cocktail dresses and shirts will have many tie-dye themes and that it will work right into the summer beach season. However, if the groovy nature of tie-dye is not your style, another trend is the tailored vest. Much like a cardigan sweater, a tailored vest looks great while also being a layered option for the fickleness of spring weather. It’s a good way to stay warm and cool while being in spring style.

Hope springs eternal for the many who are ready to get back outside and enjoy the new weather. It’s one of the best seasons of the year for fashion, and it’s great for all those who want to show off their new threads while enjoying the sunshine.

The Academy Awards Are As Big On Fashion As They Are On Awards

The Academy Awards were recently held in Hollywood, Califonia bringing together the best and most beautiful people in the film industry. While the ceremony is known best for the awards it gives out to excellence in film, it’s also a very big night for the world of fashion. With so many watching the ceremony, designers do whatever they can to make sure that their clothes make the red carpet. The designers do so by creating fashions that can be worth millions of dollars and allowing the best in Hollywood to wear them for the night.

The red carpet is where most of these fashions can be found and the fashion world is watching. Many television channels have red carpet specials that bring in fashion analysts who pick and prod every inch of the fashions that come their way. Many of them are hot and many are not. The 82nd Annual Academy Awards were no different. Hundreds of Hollywood’s finest put together their best looks and, like every year, on awards night there were winners and losers.

Sandra Bullock seemed to be the dual winner last night taking home the award for Best Actress In A Leading Role for her role in “The Blind Side” while also being named best dressed by many fashion analysts at the ceremony. The Academy Awards may be the night in which the best films and performances of the year are celebrated, but it’s also a night in which the best dressed are able to shine like the Oscar itself.

Olympic Curling Team Wins Gold Medal For Grooviest Pants

Athletes have always been at the forefront of setting fashion treads. Michael Jordan made school kids think that wearing his $100 sneakers would give them the ability to fly and Ken Griffey Jr. showed everyone that it’s sometimes more fun to wear your baseball cap backwards while hitting homeruns. All of these trends were met with a little bit of confusion but, surprisingly enough, they caught on and some even became the fashion norm. However, I doubt the pants worn by the 2010 Norwegian Olympic curling team will be hitting any fashion catwalk in New York or Paris anytime soon.

With the 2010 Winter Olympics starting up in Vancouver this week, it’s easy to find fun new fashions from athletes like snowboarder Shaun White and alpine skier Lindsey Vonn.  However, not every Olympic athlete is setting new fashion trends. In fact, if you watch the Norwegian curling team it looks more like a blast from the fashion past.

Wearing red, white, and blue diamond covered bell bottoms, the Norwegian team slides across the ice as they go for the curling gold in their swingin’ sixties best. The pants look like they should belong more on a golf course rather than a skating rink, but they still serve their boogie-oogie purposes. Also, sure, these pants stopped being popular during the Nixon Administration, but after a few looks it’s hard not to love the fun and far out nature of this new groovy Olympic athletic attire.

Olympic curling, yeah, baby, yeah!

Set the High Score with the Tetris Dress

Everyone remembers the arcade game Tetris growing up. It’s theme music is indefinably unforgettable, it ate up a lot of people’s allowances in quarters, and there are still people who are trying to fit falling bricks together in their sleep, but one area anyone who’s played the arcade game wouldn’t see Tetris falling into and fitting in to (pun intended) would be fashion. However, the Tetris dress would say otherwise.

The Tetris dress is not only a suitable dress option for anyone who was a  fan of the game, but it also stands as a throwback for anyone who feels like wearing some retro 80’s clothes. The slim and sleek black dress is covered in the classic colorful blocks from the arcade game as they fall from the neck and shoulders of the dress and connect as a cohesive block at the bottom of the skirt. Moving around in the dress may even give off the optical illusion that the blocks are moving turning the girl wearing it into a walking, talking Tetris game.

Sure, the dress is a bit goofy, and I wouldn’t suggest wearing it out to any formal outings anytime soon, but it reminds people of the game which was basically enjoyed by all and serves it purpose of helping someone stand out from the crowd. The Tetris dress doesn’t set the high score from any standard fashion, but just like the original arcade game it’s more about having fun rather than setting any high fashion score.

Fashionably Green!

In the last couple of years, green technology has taken off.  New government programs have catalyzed individual efforts to become more energy efficient.  Caring for the environment has become such a mainstream priority that anyone who partakes in the “go-green” movement might actually earn a cool image based on public perception.

Making the extra effort to find a recycling bin for your plastic container instead of throwing it in the trash can automatically give you the label that you care and others might think more highly of you as a result.  Starting a conversation about your new initiative to only wash and dry clothes at night might have your friends attracted to and motivated by your commitment to change.  Shopping at your local hardware store for insulation, weather stripping and energy efficient light bulbs will earn you points with fellow shoppers and guests that take notice at your next home gathering.

Generally speaking, going green can be considered a fashion statement.  So don’t be afraid to rock that hybrid decal on your vehicle.  Highlight it, promote it, get others to follow your lead.  Have faith in the fact that green is cool.  I promise.