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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

This fall, earth tones are out and bold, bright colors are in. Designers have been showing their fall collections in an array of brilliant jewel tones instead of the usual rustic oranges and browns of past seasons. Fiery reds, mustard yellows, emerald greens, shades of plum, electric fuchsias, royal blue hues, and burgundy wines are the hottest colors to make the jump from runway couture to the street. These bold colors add some dazzle to a droll wardrobe and can be paired with neutral shades to make any ensemble pop.

Here are some pieces that are must-haves to update your closet for the fall 2011 fashion season:

– Trench coats
While trench coats are considered timeless by the fashion industry, they disappear for a few seasons and then make a resurgence in a few years at fall fashion shows. This year, the classic trench coat is back and better than ever with several updated and structured cuts that are flattering to most silhouettes. They can be worn during the day or out for the night, as they make the transition from casual to dressy seamlessly.

— Crop Tops
No, you’re not having a high school gym class flashback — crop tops have cornered their way into designer’s collections and are being paired with high waisted skirt and pants separates. The look is chic but screams edgy, and a cropped shirt flaunts a toned figure and shows off the waistline of a great pair of high waisted trousers.

— High Sheen Fabrics
Shimmery textured fabrics shown on the catwalks are a trend that has translated into street wear. A shiny, translucent top coupled with a simple matte fabric makes for a radiant mix.

— Patterned Sweaters
Whether it’s a cardigan or a pullover, patterned sweaters are sweeping the stores. Geometric shapes, stripes and polka dots on chunky knits look charming with a pair of wool shorts and riding boots or paired with your favorite skinny jeans. The look remains preppy without being too prim.

— Stripes
Although stripes have never gone out of style, we’re seeing a ton of the “nautical” looks in showrooms and on runways this fall. From the classic navy blue and white mix to greens, oranges and browns, the striped, long sleeved tee style never looks tired.

— Tailored Cuts
The tailored suit made a comeback this season, but this is not your typical office garb. Designers are showing tailored skirts and jackets with high-necked blouses for a vintage, retro feel and a great way to bring some chic into the work place. Add a pair of your favorite chunky heels and voila!


Beautiful Fall Looks

Fall is upon us, and we’re all looking for a fresh take on our make-up. Before you rush out and buy all the latest colors consider this. The first step to a fresh, new look for Fall is to exfoliate and moisturize! The drier air of Fall is a huge relief from muggy Summer days, but it can also dry out your skin. A daytime moisturizer with SPF provides a great start for perfect make-up.

This season experiment with some of the vivid colors available. Classic reds on lips and nails, or if you’re more adventurous, vivid teal eyes and nails! The key to freshening up your look is to try new approaches to applying your make-up. Some of us tend to apply our make-up the same way we did when were teenagers, and let’s face it, we’re not teenagers anymore! Make-up should make us look our best, regardless of our age. It is a mistake to think that piling on more foundation will “hide” fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of looking younger, it only accentuates those nagging little lines. Try a foundation primer and a light, moisturizing foundation in combination with a creaseless, cream eyeshadow to minimize the look of fine lines around your eyes. A neutral, light eyeshadow with a dramatic, colorful eyeliner can draw attention to the eye without settling into fine lines, and adds a vibrant, youthful appearance. When applying lipstick, a lip liner will eliminate feathering of the lipstick. To avoid dry, chapped lips which increase feathering, apply a base moisturizer and lip liner before applying your lipstick. Choosing a lipstick that is moisturizing will also help.

I am a firm believer that make-up shouldn’t break the bank. Some of my favorite products are purchased at drug stores and department stores and are not the most expensive brands available. It’s important to remember that the best product is the one that works the best for you, whether you paid top dollar, or frugally purchased a store brand. Always checkout the sale items and clearance priced items, as those purchases are great for experimenting, and you may find that perfect shade of red lipstick after all!

New Gap Ads Show That Maybe Not Everyone Should Wear Shorts

A few posts back we talked about one of the biggest debates of the summer style season, which was whether or not to wear shorts. We talked about how you have to take into account certain “qualifications” in order to wear them such as wearing the right type of shorts and if you can personally pull off their style and look. Now as some new Gap ads show that ideology isn’t completely incorrect.

Gap Pants Ad

Gap Pants Ad

Some new window Gap ads scream to the public walking by to “PUT SOME PANTS ON!” Now this is humorous take on coming in and buying some nice pants, but underneath in much smaller lettering are the words “Because we can’t all look good in shorts” showing that shorts shouldn’t (and sometimes can’t be) worn by everyone. Yet, that being said these new window adds are causing a bit of controversy and a bit of a stir because many are saying they’re offensive and making fun of people’s body type, but this blogger doesn’t think so. These ads are just speaking a truth; a truth that was brought up on this blog a few weeks ago and that is that sure anyone can wear shorts, but maybe not everyone should.

Women’s Swimsuits: From Bikinis to One Pieces

Last time, we talked about the stylish looks of men’s swimwear for the upcoming summer but as much as it’s important for guys to look good on the beach, or in the backyard pool, it doesn’t hold a candle to the selection and style choice that women have when it comes to swimsuits. The choices are endless even though, just like men, the types boil down to two distinct choices: bikinis and one pieces. However, this is where the variety comes in because these two swimwear choices can go into many different areas and styles, so it’s important that when picking one out that you pick the one that fits your personality and style the best.

Bikinis are great and can really show off how much style and confidence you have. This summer is a great time to show off a nice looking bikini with trending colors being bright and eclectic. There’s not one color that rules over the rest of them so go crazy and find one that works best with your skin tone. Dark colors are a thing of the past so instead of dark colors go with one that that it is electric and bursting with Technicolor and works for you. However, if you are going for a slimmer look, dark colors like black and grey are always a plus and the way to go.

As for one pieces they are making a comeback and really striking at the heart of what kind of style a swimsuit can have. One pieces this summer are following, in terms of design, graphic prints, shapes, and stripes. Also, a lot of them are actually going retro by going back to the design of yesteryear, which makes you stand out from the crowd even though you’re wearing something from the past! A bikini can sometimes be a little too much, so it’s good to know that one pieces are always a fashionable plan B.

Swimwear for women have the capability to turn heads on the beach or near the pool, so make sure whichever one you pick fits you well and shows off the confidence and style you believe in.

Flip Flopping on Flip-Flops

The summer season is a hot one and with that comes the attempt to look stylish while staying cool and comfortable. We’ve already gone over when it’s the right time to wear shorts during the summertime, but what about the feet? The feet are one of the warmest and most uncomfortable places on the body during the Dog Days of Summer, so it’s best to come up with an option to make them comfortable and look nice. Shoes and socks are great during the winter when they keep your feet warm, but during the summer it’s sometimes best to ditch the sweaty socks for the better and literally cooler option of sandals. Yet sandals, especially flip-flops, can sometimes be a fashion faux pas, so when is it okay to wear them?

Most will say that if there’s not sand or a beach involved it’s probably best to leave the flip-flops at home. Others say they’re in fashion, but only in certain settings. Flip-flops, or sandals in general are best left when hanging out with friends or taking part in activities that aren’t considered to be professional. Simply put, if you’re going to work in an office or going to a formal event it’s probably best to think long and hard before throwing a pair on. However, flip flops are comfortable and very well liked during the hot summer days, so if you’re going to wear them there’s a few rules you should follow before you show your toes to the world.

First things first, make sure you have the feet to pull off wearing sandals to begin with. Ugly feet and toes that aren’t pedicured can be an immediate no-no when it comes to wearing sandals. Also make sure the sandals themselves match the event you’re going to. Plastic, floatable flip-flops may be great for going to the beach, but invest in a nice pair of high brand sandals if you’re going someplace that demands style.

Summertime is a great season for style and it’s also a great time to wear basically whatever you want. However, if you’re going to wear flip-flops or sandals make sure that you don’t flip flop with the fashion rules to wear them.

Fashion Tips For Mom On Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, it’s important to celebrate all the great things Mom does for you. Usually Mother’s Day is celebrated by taking Mom out to a big dinner and helping her to relax and enjoy herself on her day. It’s also a day in which you let Mom realize just how much she means to you and how much you love her. A great way to do this is to make her realize how beautiful and amazing she is by showing her some of the fashion trends that can make her look stylish, smart, and even younger.

One trend that can work for Mom is a t-shirt and jeans. Considering that Mother’s Day happens right in the heart of spring what better for Mom to do on Mother’s Day than to relax in a nice comfortable pair of jeans and t-shirt. V-necks are the best fit for Mom and help her to look young and ready to party. Vibrant colors are key, but standard white helps Mom get ready for a fun day of activities.

Everyone fits in a nice pair of jeans, so having a pair of long blue jeans to wear will make Mom fit into the crowd rather than stand out. Lean jeans help mom show off her figure giving her confidence to know that she still has it even if she’s getting up there in age. Beige, grey, and washed brown work also to make Mom comfortable and stylish.

However, May can be a fickle month and a jacket may be needed to keep her warm. With so many jackets to pick from what is the best to get? Well, fashion tells us that a nice leather jacket will keep her warm if Mother’s Day comes with an extra chill. This will make her look smart, adventurous and cut years off of her look. Not to mention, a nice leather jacket works great with the jeans and shirt combo.

So for this Mother’s Day give Mom the gift of fashion and she’ll feel younger, happier, and in style on a day in which it’s important for her to feel all of those things.

*Disclaimer – If the Jeans, T-shirt, leather jacket statement doesn’t work for your mom, feel free to go with a light spring dress.  If you don’t know her size, socks are always a safe bet. 🙂

Wedding Season Brings On New Fashion Trends

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most perfect days for a couple – full of memories that will last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, sometimes all of the planning to make the day perfect puts the fun aspect on the back burner.  The flowers, the cake, the pictures all need to be taken care of.   However, a few issues with those are a little less stressful relative to the high priority that the perfect wedding dress receives.  Without the right fashion choices a bride may not even wish to walk down the aisle (bold statement, but definitely true in some circumstances – “bridezilla”). This is why wedding season has become monumental with regards to new looks and fashion trends for the bride to be.  After all, following the right fashion trends can help the bride look fresh, stunning and stylish, giving her the confidence that, if all else fails, her day can still be perfect.

This year’s wedding season comes with many trends, some of which are not all that surprising, but others that may cross the line from wedding dress bliss to wedding dress risk. For example, a big trend this upcoming season is, surprisingly, the use of multiple colors. Wedding dresses are traditionally pure white but year after year we’re seeing a little blue or red or hints of various other shades added to the dress to give it some spice.

If you want an example of a wedding day fashion risk you could look no further than the upcoming season’s trend of higher wedding dress hemline. What this means is that the length of the dress would stop right above the knee, which would show off the whole leg basically.

Now, this may be a big trend for the upcoming season but for better or worse it will most definitely make you stand out when you walk down the aisle. Either way, it’s important to find the right fashion that fits you so you can make your wedding day as perfect as it possibly can be.