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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

This fall, earth tones are out and bold, bright colors are in. Designers have been showing their fall collections in an array of brilliant jewel tones instead of the usual rustic oranges and browns of past seasons. Fiery reds, mustard yellows, emerald greens, shades of plum, electric fuchsias, royal blue hues, and burgundy wines are the hottest colors to make the jump from runway couture to the street. These bold colors add some dazzle to a droll wardrobe and can be paired with neutral shades to make any ensemble pop.

Here are some pieces that are must-haves to update your closet for the fall 2011 fashion season:

– Trench coats
While trench coats are considered timeless by the fashion industry, they disappear for a few seasons and then make a resurgence in a few years at fall fashion shows. This year, the classic trench coat is back and better than ever with several updated and structured cuts that are flattering to most silhouettes. They can be worn during the day or out for the night, as they make the transition from casual to dressy seamlessly.

— Crop Tops
No, you’re not having a high school gym class flashback — crop tops have cornered their way into designer’s collections and are being paired with high waisted skirt and pants separates. The look is chic but screams edgy, and a cropped shirt flaunts a toned figure and shows off the waistline of a great pair of high waisted trousers.

— High Sheen Fabrics
Shimmery textured fabrics shown on the catwalks are a trend that has translated into street wear. A shiny, translucent top coupled with a simple matte fabric makes for a radiant mix.

— Patterned Sweaters
Whether it’s a cardigan or a pullover, patterned sweaters are sweeping the stores. Geometric shapes, stripes and polka dots on chunky knits look charming with a pair of wool shorts and riding boots or paired with your favorite skinny jeans. The look remains preppy without being too prim.

— Stripes
Although stripes have never gone out of style, we’re seeing a ton of the “nautical” looks in showrooms and on runways this fall. From the classic navy blue and white mix to greens, oranges and browns, the striped, long sleeved tee style never looks tired.

— Tailored Cuts
The tailored suit made a comeback this season, but this is not your typical office garb. Designers are showing tailored skirts and jackets with high-necked blouses for a vintage, retro feel and a great way to bring some chic into the work place. Add a pair of your favorite chunky heels and voila!


Fashion Tips For Mom On Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, it’s important to celebrate all the great things Mom does for you. Usually Mother’s Day is celebrated by taking Mom out to a big dinner and helping her to relax and enjoy herself on her day. It’s also a day in which you let Mom realize just how much she means to you and how much you love her. A great way to do this is to make her realize how beautiful and amazing she is by showing her some of the fashion trends that can make her look stylish, smart, and even younger.

One trend that can work for Mom is a t-shirt and jeans. Considering that Mother’s Day happens right in the heart of spring what better for Mom to do on Mother’s Day than to relax in a nice comfortable pair of jeans and t-shirt. V-necks are the best fit for Mom and help her to look young and ready to party. Vibrant colors are key, but standard white helps Mom get ready for a fun day of activities.

Everyone fits in a nice pair of jeans, so having a pair of long blue jeans to wear will make Mom fit into the crowd rather than stand out. Lean jeans help mom show off her figure giving her confidence to know that she still has it even if she’s getting up there in age. Beige, grey, and washed brown work also to make Mom comfortable and stylish.

However, May can be a fickle month and a jacket may be needed to keep her warm. With so many jackets to pick from what is the best to get? Well, fashion tells us that a nice leather jacket will keep her warm if Mother’s Day comes with an extra chill. This will make her look smart, adventurous and cut years off of her look. Not to mention, a nice leather jacket works great with the jeans and shirt combo.

So for this Mother’s Day give Mom the gift of fashion and she’ll feel younger, happier, and in style on a day in which it’s important for her to feel all of those things.

*Disclaimer – If the Jeans, T-shirt, leather jacket statement doesn’t work for your mom, feel free to go with a light spring dress.  If you don’t know her size, socks are always a safe bet. 🙂